StarCrew Ent is A Creative Direction,
Producer Group

Established for planning, producing, and distributing music, videos and other digital content, StarCrew Ent. has been trying to become a pioneer in the development of K-POP culture ever since its foundation.
We aims to become the best cultural content producer and distributor in Korea hoping to be remembered as a company that brings happiness to many people. Please continue to support us in our visions and cheer us on our journeys.

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StarCrew Ent. has long followed the mantra of "Ars gratia artis (Art for art's sake)". We believe that everything artists sing, act, and play exists for no other purpose than to be what it is. After all, it is their free souls that fans are enthusiastic about.

— CEO, Oscar Chun

Producing Services

Music Planning & Production

Planning and producing top-notch music which leads trend of global market.


Manage to make global stars via producer's various know-how and curriculum.


Planning/manufacturing/marketing, exploration of short form content linking various platforms.

Dedicated Producers

STARCREW ENT is the group of best-known PRODUCERS who have been lead Korean Entertainment industry for decades.

Junsik Yim

Vocal Trainer

Bada Ha

Dance Trainer

We Produce and Manage Top Class Artists

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"Ars gratia artis"


30, Baekjegobun-ro 19-gil, Songpagu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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